Bessemerskolan - ett vidare val!

S and C-skills broken down

1. Search - Sök

The search skill has to do with finding information in a complex information flow, not limiting yourself to one source and trying to find sources that you can rely on (källtillit). During the search step you also need to look at your search words and ideas with a critical eye. What new words or ideas (infallsvinklar) does your searches bring up? Can you use these?

2. Collect - Samla

Collect your information and look at the result of your searches with a critical eye. Try to see if any groups of ideas start forming that might inspire you?

3. Sift - Sovra

When we sift through a material we start to find a focus for our paper or presentation. We might start with a broad topic "Astronomy" for instance and then "sift" that through to find something that meets our assignment or interest, for instance: "Planet Killers" - asteroids that would end our civilization.

4. Sort - sortera

When we sort our material we look at where we found them. Do they come from reliable sources? Is the author an expert in his or her field? Who does this person in his/her turn reference? Can you find somebody who disputes the experts' findings? Can you find schools of thought?

5. Structure - strukturera

Now we start to structure our product using the approriate format depending on what it is you are supposed to produce (oral presentation, scientific paper, etc.). See "Skrivarhjälp".

6. Systemize - Systematisera

To systemize means to divide into categories and in this step you will divide your strongest arguments or findings into categories. Keep all the sources that support them or that you have found connected until you have presented that particular argument or finding. Only then do you move on to argument 2 or point 2.

7. Collocate - Sammanställa

Finally, you collocate all these pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that is your assignment. Making sure all the pieces fit together from Abstract - The Why (Syfte) of your assignment to the Conclusion - the How (Method and result).