Bessemerskolan - ett vidare val!

Morden slavery

With our eyes closed, and our mouth open. We claim that we are freer than ever, but society lies. they look down upon the blacks, Asians, the Muslims and basically anyone who is not white. Don’t let me start with the beauty industry, they tell you what beauty is, but they produce hate. They don’t care about us, but they about care about feeding their wallets. Instead of us women lifting one other, we just drown one other. They tell us you are free, to choose what you want to wear, you have your freedom. But if a girl shows to much skin, she whore, and if she decides not to show her skin then she is terrorist. what a sad world we are living in. world that only cares about economic more than the people. and now you can see its true colours, you can see the greasy oil all over people. Corona came and earth started to breathe again. Indeed, it is a horrible diseased, but it showed us the trees. Two brains that gave an opportunity to everyone and could have helped save a lot of people. got sued by the hospital because they only care about losing money. Human beings always care about themselves and makes corruption. Our actions are so shameful that even angels would look away. Can’t you see what is going on in our world, we are destroying, shedding blood. But thank God there are still nice people out there trying to help to fix it, but they can’t do it alone. We all need to help one another and fix our world. Can’t you see that Corona is a Sign that we should fix what once was heavenly. But we won’t be able to fix anything if we don’t break the chains. The chains that we made with our own greediness.